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Trainer vs Behavior Consultant

Getting a new dog?

How do you know if you need a TRAINER or a BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT?

You need a dog TRAINER if your dog has a behavioral deficit, in other words, your dog needs to be taught a new skill like:

  • basic obedience
  • walking nice on leash
  • sitting to greet people

(to find a qualified dog trainer in the Charlotte area, go to  www.forcefreecharlotte.com)

You need a BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT if your dog has a behavioral excess, in other words, your dog displays aggression, anxiety, high arousal, fear, and/or:

  • is hurting himself/herself, another animal, or a person
  • is  threatening to hurt another animal or person
  • has a decreased quality of life due to behavior
  • needs intense, one on one behavior change

Visit About Behavior Consulting page and our Services page for more information.

Force-based, punishment techniques such as leash jerks, prong/shock/choke collars, alpha rolls, etc. not only cause pain and discomfort, but also only suppress behavior and don't eliminate the cause of it. The dog then stores up energy and frustration. As a result, these techniques can actually inhibit learning and even have serious, long lasting side effects such ​as depression, self-mutilation, increased aggression, and redirected aggression towards the punisher.

Reinforcement based training, on the other hand, identifies the cause of the undesirable behavior, modifies the environment, and changes the dog's motivation. The dog is properly guided, relieved of pent up stress and anxiety, and rewarded for correct choices.

Make sure your trainer or consultant is educated in and committed to force free methods - for the sake of your dog and you.

​(to find a qualified dog trainer in the Charlotte area, go to  www.forcefreecharlotte.com)

If you are considering adding a new dog to your family, whether it's your first dog or an addition, it is a good idea to have a Temperament Assessment done. 

The technologist will visit your dog at the shelter, rescue, breeder, or place of your convenience and perform certified assessment tests of your dog's:

  • Sociability
  • Tolerance for handling
  • Arousal and recovery levels
  • Resource guarding
  • Startle response
  • Behavior with other dogs/animals
  • Bite potential

Getting an assessment of your dog before you bring him/her home can save you and your family from stress and heartache. Let me help you find the right dog for your household.

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